BREXIT: How Celebrities reacted to historic EU Referendum 2016

It’s OFFICIAL now. Voters have come out and voted in favor of BREXIT. There is no second thought on how UK wants to move forward in the coming years. In a simple referendum, Britain has managed to change the course of history in a matter of just couple of days. So in the coming months, British and European Union members will sit and negotiate on the terms in which UK will part ways from EU.


So when the World is still shell shocked about the decision, as Pound have taken a massive hit in global markets ever since the decision came out, Celebrities have also spoken in full voice. When some of them think it as a positive step, many still think that people have actually made a mistake.


Varying from Pop Stars to British Celebs and Hollywood Personalities, this is how the famous people reacted to BREXIT.

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Umair Bashir

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