Top 5 Celebrities who wants BREXIT in EU Referendum 2016

BREXT, an abbreviation for the term British Exit from the European Union is going to take a historic step this Thursday. On June the 23rd, the country will hold nationwide Referendum, which will decide the in or out debate once for all. When a large number of people are in favor of remaining in the EU, there are many which are seriously edging towards the leave campaign.


So when Politicians from both sides have tried their best for Vote Leave or Vote Remain campaign, celebrities have also expressed their feelings towards the national debate. So let’s look at top 5 Celebrities who wants BREXIT in EU Referendum 2016.


1: Sir Michael Caine

EU Referendum 2016

                                Considered as a British Film Icon which appeared in no less than 115 films thus far in his illustrious career, Sir Michael Caine said this while expressing his views about the BREXIT campaign,


‘’Unless there is some extremely significant changes, we should get out’’.


According to the Dark Knight Trilogy Actor, he is a reluctant leaver who thinks that the EU is now dictated by thousands of faceless civil servants. So the 83-year-old Actor has surely put his weight into the BREXIT side of the the campaign

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