How to write a Successful CV


For a newcomer who is ready to take a plunge into the job market, an effective CV is the most important tool to secure an interview. When a large number of applicants apply for a particular job, an effective CV plays a key role in differentiating ordinary candidates from a standout performer. But when it comes to a resume, there are certain points to be taken care off as far as the applicant is concerned.

So making short statement short, here are top 5 tips which will help you in writing a successful CV.

1: Focus on the Desired Job

Whenever it comes to prepare a successful CV, one thing should be kept mind is that a General resume won’t work in every scenario. There are different requirements of every job and a CV should be tailored to suit the needs of the potential employers.

Instead of going through every scenario of your work life, a resume is one thing which should be designed by keeping the job post in mind. Focus on the work which can help your CV from being thrown straight into the dustbin. Carefully go through the job description and then prepare your resume by mentioning the skill set desired by your potential employer.

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2: Presentation

When a recruiter gets to read a large number of CVs throughout the day, the first thing which catches their eye is the presentation. As a large number of resumes are thrown straight into the dustbin, presentation acts as a key catalyst in saving an applicant from such scenario. So instead of preparing your resume in a dull manner, try to do something different with it.

Try to tick the right boxes by only mentioning your skill set, not by describing them on a full page. Start with a bright headline on the first page because this is where most recruiters decide whether to read the full CV or just to leave it alone.

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3: Format

Even though there is no hard and fast rule in terms of following a format, but there are some sections which needs to be covered while preparing your resume. After starting with the contact information, education and work experience should be mentioned before ending with the relevant references.

In between these sections, a person should highlight their interests, awards, and acknowledgments which they got from their previous jobs. Try not to deviate too much from this format because recruiters aren’t very fond of cheeky resumes.

4: Length

An ideal resume shouldn’t exceed beyond the limit of 2 pages. Try to keep your readers intact by providing only the relevant information. Because if a resume is too long, hiring managers will never hesitate to scan it, let alone considering the applicant for the desired job.

Try to use catchy words without going through a truckload of useless rhetoric which can deteriorate the quality of your resume.

5: Proofread

Employers hate the CVs which are full of grammatical mistakes. Because if an applicant doesn’t bother to remove the silly grammatical mistakes, they won’t bother to hire that applicant. So before applying for a particular job, try to look for the spelling mistakes, the grammatical errors because a CV is such a piece of document which just cannot afford to have any wrongdoing being printed on it.

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